12 Of The Best Nature Photos and National Geographic Photo Contests

Are you interested in taking photographs? and have some beautiful that you trust in then you can take part in the contest held by the National Geographic’s yearly Photo Contest which is opened to both the novice and the professional photographers and the contest is categorized into three classes people, places and animals. The participants need to submit their best photo to the contest committee who will work carefully and fairly to select the best photo. The winner in every class will be given $2,500 for the normal one and $7,500 and a trip to Washington, D.c. to partake in National Geographic’s yearly photograph course for the champion.

1. Hello (Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, WA, United States, Nature Category)

national geographic contest photography

Photo credits: Misty Gage

2. Mom’s Love (Jakarta, Nature Category)

national geographic photo contest 2014

The Mother Bird’s feeding time. Photo credits: Cherly Jong

3. Above Big Sur (Big Sur, California, Places Category)

national geographic mountain photo contest

Photo credits: Douglas Croft

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