Are These Pictures Were Taken In Scotland or from other destinations of the world?

Do you like travelling? How many places have you visited? Is Scotland one of your favorite places? Then, you may have a lot of knowledge a bout he places around the world? The following photographs are hot in Scotland and many other places in every part of the world and your job is to choose between two options which are Scotland or non-Scotland. They are all absolutely beautiful and attractive. When seeing them, you will possibly plan a trip to visit those places someday.

Now it is time to test yourself how many correct answer you can choose. If you are not sure with the answer, you can also make a guess.

1. Scottish coastline or Mexican beach?

Mexican beach

Image source | Answser: Mexican beach

2. Scottish beach or South of France?

Scottish beach

Image source | Answser: Scottish beach

3. Scottish Munro or Swiss Alps?

Scottish Munro

Flickr: totspurjohn | Answser: Scottish Munro

4. The Outer Hebrides or Western Australia?

Western Australia

Flickr: sunova_surfboards | Answser: Western Australia

5. Scottish snow drift or Arctic tundra?

Scottish snow drift

Flickr: ross_vernal  | Answser: Scottish snow drift

6. Scotland or California?


Flickr: adrian_kingsley-hughes  | Web gredit: buzzfeed

Answser: Kilt Rock on the Isle of Skye, Scotland