Hammocks Hanging Hundreds Of Feet at Monte Piana in the Italian Alps

Walking is just very simple since everyone can do it skillfully except the handicap but this article will present you a kind of sport that will shock you and probably give you a hair-raise experience. This sport is called walking on the rope but not just walking on the rope at a low height. It is a walking on the flatten rope from one side to another of the rocks over the valleys. If you are brave enough you can this special event to see the most striking views over the valleys. Here are the photographs of those brave rope walkers.

© Sebastian Wahlhuetter | www.wahlhuetter.net | sebastian@wahlhuetter.net

© Sebastian Wahlhuetter | www.wahlhuetter.net | sebastian@wahlhuetter.net

hammocks hanging festival

walk on line international highline

sleep in hammocks international highline

standing on line international highline

sitting on line international highline

walking on rope international highline

hammocks hanging line

Images gredit: dailymail | gono | boredpanda | Sebastian Wahlhuetter